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Amber Valley

Amber Valley

Amber Valley
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Amber Valley is located on Fargo’s west side and is one of the city’s fastest growing commercial districts; it is home to many restaurant, office and retail establishments. The neighborhood became part of the City of Fargo in 1995 and is in the five-year growth area, which means that it is one of the areas most likely to experience rapid growth in the coming years.

The neighborhood is developing with a mix of residential with commercial/office space along I-94 and 45th Street. Most of the living units will be rental, with some homeownership options scattered throughout. In addition, multi-purpose trails will connect Amber Valley to adjoining neighborhoods and parks.

Typical range of values for owner-occupied homes (2003): $103,700 to $113,200
Median age of owner-occupied homes: 2003 (2002—2004)

Annexed into the city in 1995

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