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At Modern Market Realtors you’ll be teaming up with experts. … This is the most useful real estate website in the Fargo Moorhead area. Find Real Estate Agents in Fargo, ND. We’ll tell you how to spot the best buys that will give you the biggest returns.

Tips for sellers – 10 Sins!

View, Print or Download Tips for sellers – 10 Sins!   10 Sins that a seller should avoid if at all possible! Face it, you cant afford to lose money either through your neglect, indifference or ignorance of the selling process. So make sure you sit down with your agent to address these issues and pave the way for the smoothest, quickest, sale possible....

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Utility Contact Numbers: FM and Surrounding Areas

View, Print or Download Utility Contact Numbers – FM and Surrounding Areas   Fargo-Moorhead Utility Company Contact Numbers Chart is a helpful tool when buying or selling a home. You will find all of the companies for your utilities in one place! Transferring your utilities is an important step to do early in the process. Some places need ample amount of time to make the change. Most importantly, your services for TV, Internet and phone tend to take a couple weeks or more for installation service times. Make sure to make the calls early on to ensure you are not without these services when you move into your new home....

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VIP Elite Preferred Home Seller Program

View, Print or Download VIP Elite Preferred Home Seller Program   The agent you select to sell your home really does make a difference! We provide unrivaled premier service and services. Mutual understanding of your selling goals, represent YOUR best interests, our quality service guarantee, we prioritize communication with you, we’re your trusted advisers, we are experts and experienced in negotiating, we are dedicated transaction managers. You will also learn about our “Unique Home Selling Process” in regards to Pricing, Staging, Marketing & “RARE” Elite Marketing. Modern Market Realtors goes above and beyond the average agents efforts. We not only do MORE than is required, MORE than is expected, but we do NOT charge MORE for our efforts, experience and services. We love to help and treat everyone with care and compassion. We look forward to helping make your selling process a simply positive and successful experience....

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What is my home worth?

The form below will allow you to order a FREE Market Value report that lists the recent sales compared against your home in order to start the valuation process. No obligations, we’re here to help when you need us. We’re excited to help you understand the home selling process. The first and most important part of selling your home is knowing how much it is worth by comparing it against other sales in your neighborhood. Your Contact Information First Name (required) Last Name (required) Email (required) Phone (required) -- Street Address (required) City (required) State (required) ---NDMN Zip Code (required) Property Details Property Type (required) ---ResidentialOther Number of Bedrooms (required) ---12345+ Number of Bathrooms (required) ---12345+ Garage Stalls (required) ---None12345+ How Will This Market Value Be Used? Determine Selling PriceObtain RefinancingTax Comparison Special Features: Would you like to receive information on available mortgage programs? Yes, For Purchasing a HomeYes, For RefinanceNo Mortgage Information Needed Please Type Letters Below Shannon Barnum 701-491-2000 shannon@MnMrealtors.com Jim Christl 701-205-5517 jim@MnMrealtors.com Contact Us Search Homes...

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Your Home: To Rent or To Buy

View, Print or Download Your Home: To Rent or To Buy   Your home, to rent or to buy is an informative article describing why you should or shouldn’t be a homeowner. It goes over pros and cons along with various details you should consider when making this decision. You will be able to apply your personal situation to these topics and figure out what is best for your particular situation....

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