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Jefferson/Carl Ben

Jefferson/Carl Ben

Jefferson/Carl Ben
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The Jefferson/Carl Ben neighborhood gets it name from two of the schools that are located in the neighborhood. The current Jefferson Elementary (1923) is being replaced with a new elementary school building (to open 2007) and Carl Ben Eileson Elementary was replaced with Carl Ben Eileson Middle School (opened 2006). Agassiz Middle School is also located in the neighborhood (along University Drive).

The housing stock is a mix of owner-occupied and renter-occupied housing. The area enjoys convenient access to a number of parks and services in both downtown Fargo and along the 13th Avenue and University Drive corridors.

The Main Avenue commercial district borders the north side of the neighborhood and accounts for some of the mix of uses that is seen between Main Avenue and 2nd Avenue South.

Typical range of values for owner-occupied homes (2003): $58,000 to $106,400

Median age of owner-occupied homes: 1935 (1880–1998)

Annexed into city: 1921–1975

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