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Why Fargo?

Why Fargo?

city of fargo downtown, fargo nd, about fargo ndIf you were to ask the “locals” in the area, contrary to popular belief, although a very great movie, “Fargo” does not give an accurate or even close description of Fargo, ND. Fargo is a place where people come from near and far for a variety of reasons.  One of the biggest reasons people come and people stay is because of the lifestyle and community which is well put in a book called “How Fargo of You” written by Marc de Celle, a visitor of Fargo. Marc shared comical yet meaningful stories of his inside, personal view of Fargo. For example…

  • You’re new to North Dakota and hire a carpenter you just met to install a doggie door. He does an exceptional job. What should you say when he insists, “It’s a housewarming gift,” and refuses to let you pay him? “How Fargo of You!”
  • You’re eating a great home-style meal in a small North Dakota cafe with your son. But when you go to pay the bill, the waitress tells you a local couple you’ve never met secretly paid for your dinner as they left. What words come to mind? “How Fargo of You!”
  • how fargo of you, fargo nd, city of fargo informationYou discover local bankers quietly refused to sell the crazy mortgages that bankers across the rest of America were peddling during the first decade of the 21st Century. As a result, Fargo never had a mortgage meltdown, and so, sidestepped the Great Recession. What can you possibly say? “How Fargo of You!”
  • A local entrepreneur confides that millions of dollars worth of business he contracts every year with another Fargo company are secured by nothing more than a handshake. How should you respond? “How Fargo of You!”
  • When Marc de Celle and his family settled just outside of Fargo, strange things started to happen. Things they never imagined possible. Things that left them speechless – until they found just the right thing to say… “How Fargo of You!”

These quotes and many more from his book will show you that although there may be cold winters in the Fargo area, the warmth of the people and the community is never lacking. Fargo has what a big city offers but the attitude of small town living. Fargo is a place where you pump your gas first – then pay. This is a city that most people come to and never want to leave. Visitors are welcomed with open arms and in no time feel like they are “home”, even if they are not originally from the area.

Not only a friendly atmosphere, Fargo has so much more to offer in one city than you’ll find practically anywhere in the country. The crime rate one of lowest and so is the measure of pollution. It’s a clean, safe place to live. Along with appreciating real estate, Fargo is leader in industry, technology, higher education and health care. Forbes magazine ranked Fargo the 7th best small city in the nation to start a business or career.

Fargo is home to 3 major universities which in 2012-13, enrollment numbers show home to 26,000 students.ndsu, msum, concordia, fargo moorhead universities, colleges fargo nd

  • NDSU (worldwide leader in agricultural studies)
  • MSUM
  • Concordia

Area percentage of Bachelor degrees or higher is 30.3% with the national average of metro areas being 24.8%. Higher Education is a great attribute of the Fargo Metropolitan Area.

essentia health, sanford health, va medical center, roger maris cancer center, fargo hospitals
Along with its above average educational facilities, Fargo also has a wealth of health care facilities, to name a few:

  • Sanford Health
  • Essentia Health
  • VA Medical Center
  • Roger Maris Cancer Center
  • And many others..

This not only brings comfort to the community for accessible & extensive medical care but also provides a multitude of job opportunities for the area. Fargo is one of the homes to Microsoft, another job opportunity magnet for the area.


Fargo itself as of July 2011 census has a population of: 107,349

The tri-city area population including Fargo, West Fargo & neighboring MN city of Moorhead: 172,206

The metro area population as a whole including all neighboring cities, towns and rural areas, as of June 2012 census: 219,021 and exploding!

The median income for Fargo as of 2012 is $51,519 with the national median income being $58,283. According to the National Association of Realtors, the median Single Family home price in metropolitan areas (including Fargo as one of the metro areas) as of 4th Quarter 2012 was $143,800 with the national median price being $178,900. These numbers prove Fargo to be a very prosperous place to live and thrive. Incomes are only 11.61% lower than national average but median home prices are 19.62% lower than national averages.

Fargo, with 4 distinct seasons… Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, the entertainment and activities in the area will cover a wide array of interests. From skiing & snowmobiling in the winter to waterskiing, jet-skiing and fishing in the summer. Minnesota being home to 10,000 lakes makes Fargo very close to a multitude of lake homes & vacation hideaways. Fargo weather averages highs of 16 in January and highs of 82 in July.

No place will ever compare to the lifestyle you’ll find in the warm and inviting city of Fargo.

To sum up Fargo… “Once you’re here ~ You’re home.”

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