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Xtreme Pizza Kitchen

Xtreme Pizza Kitchen

Xtreme Pizza Kitchen
Xtreme Pizza Kitchen
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1404 33rd St SW# D

Fargo, ND 58103

(701) 298-0420 ‎


The XPK Story
It’shard to believe, but gourmet pizza didn’t exist in the F-M area before2001. That’s when XPK founder Joy Rosen decided our area deserved something better than the bland sauces and cardboard crusts the majorcorporate pizza chains offered.

Joy loves to make great tasting pizzas for you. Every day you can findher at 1404 33rd St. SW making pizzas you can find no where else in theF-M area.

Joy wants you to try some of her gourmet creations including her xtremesauce, creamy garlic sauce, alfredo sauce and olive oil pizzas. Try the buffet or order up a full pizza made just the way you like it –Xtreme style!
30+ Fresh Toppings
8 Gourmet Sauces
5 Flavored Crusts
Including The Best
Wheat & Gluten-free Crust in Town

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